Fire Compartmentation Surveys

What is a Fire Compartmentation Survey?

A detailed and methodical inspection of the fire compartment walls and floors, recording any breaches in them.


Except….there’s a bit more to it than that! It actually means looking at all the nooks and crannies, above suspended ceilings, checking bin chutes, service risers, squeezing into tight spaces, clambering into loft hatches, edging along a dark and cobwebby roof voids the aid of crawling boards and a torch!

That’s easy. All you need now is have detailed knowledge of the relevant legislation and building regulations that apply and the know-how of the correct fire-stopping materials and method of application to fix the issues.

Fire compartmentation and passive fire protection are often misunderstood. Common questions about compartmentation are:

·        What is the purpose of compartmentation?

·        We don't have a stay-put policy; why does compartmentation matter?

·        What is the difference between a 'fire barrier' and a 'fire partition'?

·        What is the difference between active and passive fire protection?

·        We have sprinklers; do I still need compartmentation?

·        Is fire-rated pink expanding foam for compartmentation?

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