Fire Door Inspections

What is a Fire Door Inspection?

It is a thorough and systematic examination of the complete fire door set to identify whether it will hold back the passage of fire and smoke for its specified length of time by an experienced, qualified and accredited inspector.


A Fire Door Inspection is not all about fault-finding, it is about presenting solutions. Instead of telling you to replace a doorset, we analyse and recommend the correct approved repair technique to repair if at all possible. If it is irreparable we will recommend you replace it. If the door set is compliant we will mark it as satisfactory and also indicate what notional fire rating it has.


We rate each doorset according to the level of risk using a traffic light system:

            Red                High Risk

            Amber          Medium Risk

            Green            Low Risk

            Blue               Satisfactory


Most of our clients have questions about their fire doors such as:

·        What is the difference between FD30 and FD30S?

·        How do I know if my fire door is a fire door?

·        If my fire doors are not certified do I have to replace them?

·        Only the door is damaged, not the frame. What should I do?

·        How do I replace broken glass in a fire door?

·        Is Georgian Wire glass fire rated?

·        What is the difference between an intumescent seal and a smoke seal?

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If you would like to know the answers to any of these or more please contact us.


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