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Karntek have a wealth of experience of working within the housing sector, from sheltered housing, social housing and private apartment blocks with all types of housing stock, from single storey to 10+ storey high rise blocks.

Karntek’s understanding of the needs within the housing sector, along with the ever-changing fire safety regulations and requirements, plus with our experienced assessor and surveyors makes Karntek the perfect partner for any Housing association/provider to help raise the bar on fire safety.

We stick to what we are good at and offer an inspection only service so there isn’t a conflict of interest. When remedial works are required, Karntek can provide our clients with auditing of remedial works which helps keep the standards of works high.

See below link to the Fire Safety Regulations 2022 which apply to residential blocks of housing.

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Frequently asked questions


Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is a requirement that your fire dampers are “maintained in an efficient working order and in good repair” for which reason these have to be inspected to demonstrate this.

How often should a carry out a property check?

It is recommended to carry out a thorough inspection every time the property becomes vacant.

We have sprinklers; do I still need compartmentation?

Yes you do still need compartments within a property if over a specific size even if you have sprinklers because it will still reduce the risk of fire and smoke spread through the property and protect escape routes

Why should I check my void properties for fire safety?

If it is your responsibility to ensure the property is compliant before the property is re-occupied the best time to do this is when it is empty.

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