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One tenant moves out, the other moves in. Often it is an exciting yet stressful day. As a landlord why not give your new tenant peace of mind that their new home is safe?

Karntek offer void property surveys – These are carried out in void flats, houses & apartments. Properties are inspected to ensure that the integrity of the fire compartment walls have not been breached by cable penetrations and pipe penetrations such as waste pipes etc. The inspection also includes fire doors for properties where the internal measurement is over 9 metres to the front door from the furthest point of the flat/apartments, and/or, above 4.5 meters high. Inspections within the roof voids of party walls will also be included. While the inspections are non-intrusive, intrusive inspections can be arranged where requested.

Each issue found is clearly labelled and photographed and a report is completed. Where there are small penetrations these may be remedied at time of inspection and before and after photos are taken.

Karntek understand that there is only a short window of time to carry out these works and to inform the landlord of any issues. We can be in and out in a day, causing no delays for tenants at all.

A void property survey gives peace of mind to the new resident and the landlords that their property is as fire safe as possible. It’s not just a home… it’s a safe place to live.

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Frequently asked questions

How often should a carry out a property check?

It is recommended to carry out a thorough inspection every time the property becomes vacant.

Why should I check my void properties for fire safety?

If it is your responsibility to ensure the property is compliant before the property is re-occupied the best time to do this is when it is empty.

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