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How do you class a fire door?? A piece of wood that fills a hole…. Just something you have opened hundreds of times in your life and never thought anything about.

Fire doors are much more than just a piece of wood, they are a lifesaving piece of equipment. They help stop the spread of fire and smoke throughout a building and often provide a safe means of escape – for example fire doors are used to protect stairwells etc.

80% of deaths from fire are because of smoke inhalation, which is why it is so important that these pieces of life saving equipment are installed correctly, kept maintained and never wedged open.

How certain are you that the fire doors installed in your building were correctly fitted and that age and damage have not affected their effectiveness in stopping the spread of fire?



If you are classified as the Responsible Person in line with the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005, you are responsible to ensure that the frame and door are correctly installed and will stop a fire. Being an expert in your field of business and not in fire door installation or even in fire safety, this can be difficult to judge, however you cannot afford to turn a blind eye. We can take this responsibility off you. Our qualified inspectors will assess both your fire doors and frames and give you clear information if corrective actions are required. So why not shut the door on danger and stay safe.



Karntek offer a thorough and in-depth fire door survey by qualified inspectors. Each door is asset labelled and photographed, clearly showing any defects found with the door. Rating the significance of the defect, we take into account the importance of the where the door is situated and the fire risk within that area. Karntek also provide clear recommendations as to how to remedy the defects, looking for the most cost-effective way using approved repair techniques with replacement of a door as the last option. This means you save time and money while still keeping your property compliant and safe.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it illegal to wedge open a fire door?

In a word, yes. If you wedge open a door regardless for whatever reason, if in the event of a fire it is judged that you put someone’s life at risk by doing this, you can face a fine or even a prison sentence. There are approved fire alarm open hold devices which can be installed, these are linked to the fire alarm and will release on alarm activation.

Where should fire doors be installed?

Fire doors should be installed on rooms off escape routes and high risk areas such as server rooms, plants, kitchens etc. A fire risk assessment should indicate where fire doors should be installed and to what rating ie FD30s, FD60’s, FD120 etc

Can I repair a fire door?

In some cases, fire doors can be repaired using approved techniques, but this depends on several factors and expert advice should be sought.

Can anyone install a fire door?

It is recommended to have a fire door installed by a certified installer as they are the only ones that can certify it.

Why should I check fire doors?

Regular inspection of fire doors is important to ensue they are in good working order, ensuring that in the event of a fire they remain an effective lifesaving tool.

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