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Karntek work with a variety of groups in the Healthcare sector, both public and private hospitals. We work in health centres, hospitals, care homes, special schools and clinics, helping care groups stay compliant with current guidance and regulations.

Our fire safety surveys are crucial in this sector. Why, you ask?

The risk to life in healthcare buildings is often higher due to occupants not always being what is called ‘awake and familiar’. For example, someone staying in a hospital overnight is unlikely to be familiar with the building’s layout. They are unlikely to know where the nearest fire exit is, nor are they likely to know what to do in the event of a fire. Equally, an occupant of a hospital may be injured or disabled and unable to move around easily. This again hugely increases the risk to life in the event of fire.

This often results in hospitals and care homes having a ‘stay put’ policy if a fire breaks out. However, this is only effective if the fire protection in the building is of a good standard.

Every step must be taken to ensure the building is safe from fire. Our compartmentation surveys will ensure the fire and smoke control is of the highest standard, while our fire door inspections will ensure each and every one of your fire doors is in perfect condition.

A common issue we have found in healthcare premises is that the fire doors are in poor condition due to high traffic – trolleys, beds and equipment being moved around the building on a daily basis. For the same reason many fire doors are held open.

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Frequently asked questions


Yes, Article 11 of the RRFSO requires the Responsible Person to provide “effective planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of the preventative and protective measures”and “to record the arrangements”.  Also Regulation 38 of the Building Regulations requires that a package of fire safety information must be assembled and given to the Responsible Person, and building owners that do not have this information should have a strategy created and also generate the information that they should have.

We have sprinklers; do I still need compartmentation?

Yes you do still need compartments within a property if over a specific size even if you have sprinklers because it will still reduce the risk of fire and smoke spread through the property and protect escape routes

What is dynamic signage?

Dynamic signage is a great but relatively new product which shows where a fire exit route has been cut off due to an outbreak of fire. These can often be found in shopping centres and other large public places which guide people away from an exit route that may be cut off and lead them to another safe exit of the building.

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