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Facilities management companies look after a wide and varying range of building stock. They look after the day to day running of the buildings, covering areas such as electrics, plumbing, air conditioning, and other services including IT and communications. That alone in some of the vast buildings in the UK is enough to keep an army of people busy and sometimes some of the unseen things, such as fire safety which includes the fire compartmentation of the building, the compliance of the fire doors and fire risk assessments, gets overlooked.

Karntek work with a number of facilities management companies to help them carry out a greater service for their customers and to provide greater peace of mind for the occupants and users of all the buildings that they are responsible for.

Karntek offer the following services to facilities management companies:

  • Fire risk assessments,
  • Fire compartmentation surveys,
  • Fire door inspections,
  • Fire damper inspections for larger buildings with air conditioning/ventilation systems,
  • Auditing of fire remedial works or refurbishment works to ensure the fire integrity of the building isn’t breached, such as ensuring pipe and cable penetrations are fire-stopped, fire walls are constructed properly with correct fire rating etc.

Karntek also offer fire strategy advice, fire compartmentation drawings, evacuation drawings and plans.

We are here to help facilities management companies provide a greater all-round service, without missing a single aspect of facilities management.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I carry out my own Fire Risk Assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment must be completed by a “Competent Person”. This means you must have the necessary knowledge, training, skills and experience. If your Fire Risk Assessment isn’t “Suitable and Sufficient” you could be prosecuted.

How am I supposed to know whether I should do it myself or whether I should appoint a competent person?

This decision should be made with consideration to the level of competency required, which would depend on the size / complexity and risk of the building to be assessed. It should be someone with the right skills, knowledge, experience and behaviours to conduct this assessment thoroughly and accurately.

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